Chicken T-Shirts and Gifts

Chickens!   that’s right…

Do you know just how popular this feathery little fellows is becoming these days?

There are soooo many people who are embracing the humble chicken in their back yards now. And they are not only used for egg production – these feathery fanatics have embraced the chicken in a big way.

Chickens make great pets!  they do….. I know for a fact, as I have had chickens in my life and not only have they proven to be great pets but they are also quite intelligent… Really!

Have you ever seen a chicken competing with a person playing tic-tac-toe? and the person has a had time beating them……

Yes, you can train chickens.

I admit….. I used to show my chickens years ago and had fond memories at what my feathered friends got up to.

So all you feathered fanatics out there who love the chicken as I do, we have a section for you. Yes, we do.

Make way for the chicken t-shirts, chicken mugs, chicken… well everything……



Titles of Chicken T-shirts and Gifts


Chickens Matter, Buy Free Range Eggs    – chicken t-shirt

If you want to talk to me, you need to talk about Chickens    – chicken mug-hand drawn

It’s Been a Rough Week, But I made it! How about you – chicken gifts- tote bag- black design

It’s Been a Rough Week, But I made it! How about you  – chicken t-shirt –red rooster

I’m not Crazy because I’m a Chicken Lover, I’m Crazy because I like It!  –  chicken gifts

It’s been a Rough Week  – funny rooster baseball cap

I show Chickens, no…. really!  – chicken baseball cap

I show Chickens, no… Really!   – chicken mug

It’s been a Rough week………   – chicken mug

 Freeloading slacker……..       – funny chicken mug