Looking great in a T-shirt

There are so many t-shirts out in the world now. It’s a far cry from the days when the humle t-shirt was used as an undergarment.

You have so many styles and colours.

So where do you start….


The free t-shirt as it is sometimes known:

Is the sort of t-shirt that does not have any shape to it and is the most popular. It’s worn in a casual manner and can accommodate all shapes and sizes.

So it’s not surprising that this t-shirt is the go-to t-shirt when you want to wear your casual clothes and not be restricted by shape or pattern.

The more shapely t-shirts:

Are restricted to your dress code and if they have a v-neck or specially cut selves.

You might think twice about what sort of clothes you are going to wear with this style.


The long sleeve t-shirt:

Worn in the colder weather, you can wear casual and semi-casual.

If you have ever seen Miami Vice – you will most probably have seen Crocket wearing a long sleeve t-shirt style with a tailored blazer on.

He might have started this style where others would have never thought to put these two articles of clothing together.

But they look good!

It gives the impression of a semi-casual look that you can carry thought to many events and still come out shining the other end when it comes to the fashion gurus out there.

However, you wear your t-shirts you create your own style…

The T-shirt has come a long way since the old days and is an acceptable part of any bodies wardrobe whether it be just casual or going out on the town.

Try to mix it up. Don’t just go for the casual look all the time – and get out there and strut your stuff.